About Us

Inggems was set up to provide a trustworthy and honest source of quality gemstones in Singapore.

Education plays a large part in the understanding and appreciation of gemstones and here at Inggems, we do our very best to understand the nuances of gemstones, from the chemicals that accentuate their colours to the crystals that mark a gemstone’s authenticity. With this knowledge, we source our gemstone collections from around the world and collect only the best stones to be sold to discerning customers here in Singapore.

As a purely online entity, our gemstones are reasonably priced in accordance to their quality. We seek to provide the best services in any customer dealings and we pride ourselves in our ability to match customer enquires with a carefully filtered and vetted collection of gemstones tailored to any tastes, from the bluest Sapphires to the rarest forms of Spinels.

If you are looking for a gemstone or simply wish to understand more about our gemstone collection, feel free to drop us an enquiry via our contact form below and we will respond to you as soon as possible.